SIZE: Up to 16 kg
SPECIES: Indigenous 
DISTRIBUTION: Okavango, Zambezi and lowveld reaches of the Phongola river system, as well as Ponglapoort Dam.
DIET: Predatory fish...fierce and voracious!
TACKLE REQUIREMENTS: RODS: 7wt or 8wt, at least 9 foot in length. In waters where really big fish are present, at least a 9wt is recommended.
REELS: 7/8wt Reels, with a good drag system. Or a 9wt if conditions call for it.
BACKING: Reels must be able to take at least 100m of 30lbs backing.
FLY LINE: Floating, intermediate and sinking line.
LEADERS: At least a 9 foot leader, tapering down to 0X. Leaders with Bimini Twists are an advantage.
TIPPETS: 0X, 1X, 2X. Wire tippets can also be used, to prevent being bitten off.
FLIES: STREAMERS: (#1/0 and smaller) - Baitfish Imitations are key.
Clouser Minnows, Semper flies, Deceivers, Crazy Charlies, etc. Favoured colour combo's are red/white, blue/white, chartreuse/white.
METHODS: Search the waters, with structure, or deep flow. Fish at various depths and try to get to the "zone" where baitfish are targeted by these fish.
TIPS: Always de-barb your flies. It's easier to remove them from the fish's mouth and your skin. (in case of a miss-timed cast!)
Always wet your hands before handling a fish...your hands can remove their protective mucous on their skins.
Never under-gun your tackle...don't use 4X tippets when 6kg plus fish are around!
These fish are fierce...aerial antics are not un-common. Keep pressure on the fish.