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Pictured above is the Desktop Tool Caddy with Tools.  This accessory can be ordered with tools (DSK-T) as shown, or without tools (DSK-C).

The PEAK Desktop Tool Caddy keeps your tools handy while you are at your bench as well as on the road.

Multiple holes in the molded base allow a pair of scissors, a bobbin holder, whip finisher, hackle pliers, bobbin threader, our own Hex Stacker and Ritt Pick-N-Brush to stand up ready for use.

There are three extra holes for your additional tools.  A translucent lid, shown on the right, confines your tools for travel while it lets you see that your tools are in the caddy.

Tools sold with the Desktop Tool Caddy are high quality tools manufactured at PEAK (Ritt Pick-N-Brush & Hex Stacker) and by Dr. Slick.