SIZE: Up to 6 kg (in South Africa though, a 3kg fish is considered a trophy)
SPECIES: Introduced (Alien Species) 
DISTRIBUTION: Widespread throughout Southern African stillwaters and rivers, especially the Western Cape region and KZN.
DIET: Piscivorous, but will take any form of readily available food. Predatory fish.
TACKLE REQUIREMENTS: RODS: 5wt or 6wt, at least 9 foot in length. In smaller streams a 3wt can be used.
REELS: 5/6wt Reels, with a good drag system. (or 3/4wt reels in smaller streams).
BACKING: Reels must be able to take at least 100m of 20lbs backing.
FLY LINE: Floating and intermediate line mostly.
LEADERS: At least a 9 foot leader, tapering down to 0X. Leaders with Bimini Twists are an advantage.
TIPPETS: 1X, 2X, 3X.
FLIES: STREAMERS: (#2 and smaller) - Wooly Buggers (in Olive, Black and Brown), MSP (black, olive and brown), Zonkers, Crystal Buggers, Dragon and Damselfly nymphs, Baitfish Imitations are key. Also Poppers and other surface flies like the Dahlberg Diver.
Attractor patterns.
METHODS: RIVERS: Searching the deeper pools, with structure, a rocky substrate, will bring results. Fish at various depths and try to get to the "zone" where baitfish are targeted by these fish.
STILLWATERS: Surface flies, Nymphing with streamer patterns, with varying retrieves.
TIPS: Always de-barb your flies. It's easier to remove them from the fish's mouth and your skin. (in case of a miss-timed cast!)
Always wet your hands before handling a fish...your hands can remove their protective mucous on their skins.
Never under-gun your tackle...don't use 4X tippets when 6kg plus fish are around!
Bass in rivers are threatening our indigenous is good practice to remove bass that are caught in our river systems.