RAPTOR custom made Knives - For Hunting & Fishing

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Ganador Trading is proud to be associated with Jasper Stupart, a fine knive craftsman with years of experience as a hunter and fisherman, with conservation as top priority. He is based in Cape Town, South Africa. 

These fine knives are all intended for use in the field – designed by a hunter/fisherman to become a best friend after years of use.

 The steel used is imported (440C stainless) from the USA, and the blanks are laser cut to ensure a very clean sharp edge on the products.

Handle materials include African Hardwoods (e.g. Wild Olive, African Rosewood, Ebony, Panga Panga, old Oak, Rhodesian Teak, etc,) as well as impregnated bone handle slabs.  The wood is never varnished, it is hand waxed and polished, giving the look and feel of a fine gun stock, which will improve with years of tender care.

Lately he has standardized on two basic designs, being in his opinion of perfect balance and suitable for a very wide range of outdoor usage...the FALCON and the PEREGRINE Bird Skinner. Please see below for details. Knives are supplied with a heavy duty leather sheath. Please see prices below.

He talks with great excitement about experimenting with Damascus Steel – an exersize he is about to embark on. Watch this space!

Please e-mail him at jasperstupart@gmail.com for further details and special deals. Knives can also be custom made to your specifications.


This is his most popular knife – aesthetically satisfying as well as being the perfect size and balance for general use.
The blade is made from 440c Stainless steel – imported from the USA. 
The blade has been professionally hardened to 57-58 Rockwell, and hand finished and polished to mirror finish. 
The hollow ground blade is razor sharp on delivery.
The example shown has an impregnated white bone handle, which results in a handle very like ivory.
3.5" Hollow Ground Blade 7.75" overall 

Price: R850.00 to R1050.00, depending on handle material (Includes Leather Sheath). Postage is for the client's account.

PEREGRINE Bird Skinner

Imported 440c Stainless Steel blade.
Hardness RC57-58, Blade 4", Overall 8.5"
Handle Wild Olive - but many other options available

Beautiful feel & balance 
Price: R850.00 to R1050.00, depending on handle material (Includes Leather Sheath). Postage is for client's account.

All knives are supplied in heavy duty hand sewn leather sheaths.  
(Please specify whether right or left handed on ordering)
Delivery time is usually 2-3 weeks (depending on handle material and stock of steel)
A 20% deposit is required on order.  Balance to be settled by bank transfer on completion.


The knife shown above was donated to the BELLS WP Festival. The Handle is impregnated white bone

Another knife, shown with Rhodesian Teak handle: