NEW! PEAK PLANING FORMS for Bamboo Fly Rod Building

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New from Peak Fishing...planing forms meticulously engineered for high precision bamboo fly rod building.

  1. 72" overall length (6 feet)
  2. Material - C1018 CRS bar stock
  3. 15 stations on 5" spacing (first station at each end is 1" in)
  4. 1.08" high x 2.25" wide when fully closed (wide stable planing surface)
  5. Tip groove depth tapers from .022 to .129 when closed
  6. Butt groove depth tapers from .055 to .155 when closed
  7. Surfaces for plane sole are Blanchard ground to 32 surface finish
  8. Forms have PEAK "quick adjust" taper setting design.  What is unique about this design is that the "pull screw" and the guide pin have been combined into one precision diameter shoulder screw.  This puts the pull force and the guiding geometry on a common center axis.  Also, on this same axis, the "push action" is provided by a heavy duty die spring mounted concentrically about the shoulder screw.  The die spring provides force to spread the forms so turning just the "pull screw" will accomplish adjustment in as well as out, speeding the adjustment process.  The forms also have traditional push screws that may be needed at certain points in the taper where the change in strip dimension is particularly abrupt.  Both push and pull screw adjustments are made from the same side of the forms and only one size hex wrench is needed for both (comfort grip T-handle wrench provided with each set)
  9. Custom machine engraving is available. Additional lead time may be required for customization.