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While some of the PEAK VISE PACKAGES include these accessories, the standard packages do not. These are great additions to your vise,
and will further compliment the vise and make it more functional and easy to use. Now you can build up your own Peak Vise package with
as much additions as you wish, to suit your exact tying needs.

Especially handy items are the Material Clips and Rotary D-Arm Handle. All these items are available loose, and fit all the Peak Vises.

 This handy little addition screws onto your rotary arm, with an Allen Key (provided with arm).
 It's fully rotational and makes turning the vise a breeze. It can be positioned to your desired height.
A happy customer, Sid D., brought this great idea to our attention so his name will be forever
 attached to this handy device.
 (Included in the South Maroon and North Maroon vise packages)

  Material Clips
 The PEAK Material clip has a unique horizontal design that SECURELY traps materials without damage.
 This clip attaches to any standard 1/4" diameter shaft like the one found on  the PEAK Rotary Vise. 
 Multiple clips can be used at one time for those complicated Atlantic salmon
 flies and Saltwater flies. 

 Two springs are included with each material clip for a wide range of  materials.

(One clip and two springs come included in the South Maroon and North Maroon vise packages)


  Brass Screw Set
 The standard black nylon screws of the PEAK Rotary Vise can be replaced using the brass screw upgrade kit.
 The 1/4-20 thumb screw used to set the tension on the rotary motion has a nylon tip so that the stainless steel rotary
 shaft is not scarred.

 The kit also includes a 8-32 thumb screws for the bobbin assembly.
 Add some bling to your vise!

(Included in the South Maroon and North Maroon vise packages)

 Accessory Shafts - Long and Short

 These shafts are precision machined 3/8" shafts, in stainless steel. The short one is 3" long and the long one is 4.375" long. These shafts allow items like magnifiers, lights, hackle gauges, back profile viewing plates, etc to be taken off the main shaft  of the vise, but still close at hand for continual use. Compatable with the Peak pedestal base, and the Peak Clamp.

(One long shaft included in the South Maroon and North Maroon vise packages)

 Brass Riser

 With this riser, you can adjust the height of your vise. It is compatable with the Peak pedestal base,
 and the Peak clamp. Made out of solid brass.
 It is clamped securely into the base or the clamp, and the vise arm is in turn clamped into the riser.

It is a great accessory if you need to adjust the height of the vise, in case your table you are tying
on does not give you the desired height.

(Included in the South Maroon and North Maroon vise packages)

  Vise Travel Pouch

 This pouch is designed to hold your Peak vise securely while traveling.
 The base or clamp can be slid into the internal pocket, and the vise can be zipped
 up in the pouch as shown. The nylon exterior will last for years and the padding inside
 will keep your vise looking like new.

(Not included in vise packages)