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There are three jaws available. The vise comes with a standard set of jaws, but there are additional Saltwater and Midge Jaws available. The Peak North Maroon and Peak South Maroon packages come with all three jaws. See  "Packages Available". If you have obtained the Standard Peak package, and would like an additional set of jaws, they are available separately (as is the standard jaws).

Pictured here left is the Midge Jaws (left) and on the right is the Saltwater Jaws.

 Midge Jaws are for hook sizes #16 and smaller.
 Saltwater Jaws are for hook sizes up to #6/0.

 These jaws are made from solid tool steel, and hardened to our very specific requirements. They carry a lifetime warranty
 against manufacturer's defects. Each jaw set comes with additional circlips, and an allen key to fit or remove jaws.
 Engineered to last through a lifetime of clamping.

Pictured here is a #22 hook in the Midge jaws.

Here is a saltwater fly tied on a #4/0 hook, in the Saltwater jaws.