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New! Take a journey with a custom built fly rod, in pictures, from start to finish.  See how a rod is put together, by clicking here.

Most reputable factory rods are why go custom built?
These custom rods are professionally crafted with fine attention to detail. Each rod is built for one owner, according to his exact needs, specs and tastes.

The rods are properly spined, for enhanced casting performance...this brings to the fore the blank's natural curve and now does what the
rod was intended to with you, to cast exceptionally well. No twisting or vibrating.

No shortcuts are taken. I use only the best and strongest epoxy glue to assemble the grip and the reel seat. The last thing you want is a grip
or seat coming loose on the water. I also prepare the blank and the components ensure good adhesion of the glue. If this is not done properly,
you may even have a grip that "squeeks" in your hand while casting...a sure sign the gaps were not properly filled around the blank where the grip was
fitted, or not enough epoxy was used in the first place.

Attention to detail is crucial to me. Guide spacings, alignment, thread wrap neatness, thread spacings, no bubbles in the finish, etc are all
factors that I place high importance on. The wraps must be neat, aligned, smoothed out and symmetrical. The finish must be flat and free of bubbles.
The guides must be in an exact straight line and the spacings between them must be exact, to ensure the blank's action is not compromised.

Lastly, the rod is personalised (if so desired) with an inscription written on the blank, and covered with rod finish.
Details like the owners' name, date the rod was completed, a quote or dedication, etc...making the rod truly unique.

"This must cost a fortune!", I hear you say. Not at all...many times these custom rods are more reasonably priced than their factory counterparts.
I provide exceptional rods, as well as value for money. After all, it's peace of mind you are after and a tool you can fish hard.

Here are some samples of wood spacers, turned from local African Woods:

Wild Olive

Kiaat and Pau Rosa

On the left is a wood reel seat insert turned ourselves, out of Kiaat wood. On the right, is one from Rhodesian Teak wood.

Some other woods include: (Shown below on Left) Guava, and (Shown below on right) Matumi