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It is vital to choose the correct blank, the correct weight class, sections and action (and flex), and the correct components to suit your needs and your targeted
species of fish. When you contact me for a custom built rod, I will ask you questions to ascertain what rod would be most suited for your needs,
and then suggest a rod type, weight and length accordingly.


 Things to consider is species targeted, travel ability (breaks down for travel), action, colour, reputation, price,
 warranty offered, etc.
 Choose from Sage, CTS, Winston, Thomas & Thomas, St. Croix, TFO, Rainshadow, Forecast, Pacific Bay,
 American Tackle, and many more.


Once you have chosen your blank, the next step is to choose a reel seat and insert which compliments the blank.
There are many choices...from wood, graphite and aluminium inserts (spacers) nickel and aluminium reel seat components, in varied finishes
and colours. For example...Nickel Silver, Titanium, Gunsmoke, Black, TiCH, etc. You have to consider other factors too, like is the rod going to be
used in Saltwater? Then an all-aluminium reel seat may be best suited. You can also have a fighting butt added to the back of the reel seat, which is common
in rod weights size #6 and up. I can turn you a custom spacer from an exotic or local hardwood, like Wild Olive, Kiaat, Pau Rosa, Rhodesian Teak, or others.


Next item to consider is the grip. Most popular choices are cork grips. They come in various grades of quality, and the best quality comes from Portugal.
Of late very good quality cork is becoming scarce, so I buy in bulk direct from the supplier.
Other factors to consider is shape...Full Wells, Reverse Half Wells, Cigar, and so forth. For very light rods, cigar is preffered (and on bamboo rods),
for freshwater the norm is reverse half wells, and for saltwater full wells (with a fighting butt, and sometimes a forward fighting grip too, creating a double grip.
Many 12wt rods and up have these mounted.) Have your grip all-cork (as shown) or customised, with burl and rubber cork inserts. (See below samples)
I also seal all my cork grips with make them durable, resist chipping and cracking, prevent filled pits from falling out, and protect it from UV rays.


The rest of the components

You also have to choose guides, stripping guides, hook-keepers, winding checks and tip-tops. Guides come in many different shapes,
sizes and finishes. Again, you have to consider what the rod will be used for. If it's for saltwater use, consider stainless steel guides
to prevent rust. Tip tops come in standard, large and extra large loop sizes. You can choose single foot guides (as shown), or
traditional snake guides. They all come is varied finishes, like chrome, stainless steel, TiCH, plated, and so forth, in various colours.
Winding checks can be black PVC (rubber) or aluminium, also in a range of finishes, styles and colours.
Choose these components to compliment the rod blank, and to suit your fishing conditions.


Lastly, you also have a choice of thread wrap colours, and the finishes thereof. a Popular choice is to make the threads go translucent after finish is applied, by not
using a colour preserver on the threads. You can also decide on trim wraps of course. Then, as an added touch, have your name written on the blank, to give it that
personalised touch.

I will offer guidance through the whole process, with solid advice. In the end, I will make sure you have a rod that is beautiful to look at and to cast, and will provide
you with many memorable days fishing.  

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