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All Vise Components are available loose.

 Pedestal Base

 Our pedestal base is forged, not cast, making it heavier than any other base and as such provides
 a solid platform that will NOT move or tip when you are tying. This ROCK STEADY base has rubber feet
 to further secure it to your table.

 A pocket with rounded corners allow easy retrieval of hooks, beads and materials without getting
 them stuck.
 a Second hole is provided for the mounting of an accessory shaft, used to hold lamps, profile plates,
 magnifying glasses, etc so the main vise shaft is free of items.

 (Included in the South Maroon vise Package)


 This clamp is like no other on the market. It will securely clamp to surfaces from 1.75cm to 5.7 cm thick.
 The lower jaw can be unscrewed completely and flipped over for even thinner tables or work surfaces.
 It has a 3/8" hole for your vise, and another 3/8" hole for an accessory shaft.
 It weighs a mere 12 ounces, making it perfect for overseas travel where you are restricted to weight.
 The clamp is 3.81cm wide (2.5 inches) to give you a sturdy platform for your vise.
 The brass riser can also be mounted in the 3/8" hole, for you to be able to adjust your vise's height.

 (Included in the North Maroon vise Package)

 Bobbin Rest

 The Peak bobbin rest is available separately. It can be mounted to any 3/8" diameter vise shaft.
 It consists of a mountain shaped thread rest, stainless steel arm and mounting bracket and bolt.
 The bobbin rest's distance from the jaws can be adjusted, and locked into place with the bolt.

 (Included in all vise packages)