CARP (Full-Scale, Mirror & Leather Carp)

SIZE: Up to 30 kg plus.
SPECIES: Introduced (Alien Species)
DISTRIBUTION: Widespread throughout South Africa's stillwaters and rivers.
DIET: Omnivorous. Feeds mainly on plant and animal matter. 
TACKLE REQUIREMENTS: RODS: 5wt to 7wt (depending on size of fish targeted), at least 9 foot in length. Some anglers also prefer a 10 foot rod.
REELS: 5/6wt to 7/8wtwt Reels, with a good drag system especially in stillwaters where the fish can run you into your backing.
BACKING: Reels must be able to take at least 100m of 20lbs backing.
FLY LINE: 95% of your fishing will be done with a floating line, either 5wt or 7wt.
In some deep pools in rivers, and in stillwaters, an intermediate (5wt or 7wt) line can be used if the fish are deep.
LEADERS: At least a 9 foot leader, tapering down to 0X.
FLIES: STREAMERS: Most popular flies are (All weighted to get the flies down fast): (#6 and smaller) - Wooly Buggers (in Olive, Black, Brown, Red/Black, Purple/Black), Carp Buggers (Black wooly bugger with red marabou tail), "Bread" flies (floating), Gold Rib Hare's ears, Tadpole, Mrs Simpsons, Dragon and Damselfly imitations.
METHODS: If you can see the fish, cast the flies in front of them, and let it sink to the bottom. Try and get it right past it's nose. Twitching the fly on the bottom may induce a take. If they are "mouthing" the surface, try a floating fly, in white (bread fly) or big DDD (white or tan). If the water is murky, watch for the tell-tale "bubbles" rising to the surface, indicating a feeding carp. Cast the fly in front of the fish, to intercept his feeding path...a dry-and-dropper rig here works very well too. Make sure your dropper fly is just off the bottom. Slight twitch-retrieves off the bottom work well.
TIPS: Carp are strong and powerful...don't under-estimate them. They are also very wary fish.
Always de-barb your flies. It's easier to remove them from the fish's mouth and your skin. (in case of a miss-timed cast!)
Never under-gun your tackle...don't use 4X tippets when 6kg plus fish are around!